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Tic Talk 2020 initial survey results

Below is a brief summary of the results from the first 21 people to take the survey.

If you haven’t already responded, we’d love your input to help us design Tic Talk 2020 by taking this short 5-question survey:

Topics you are interested in:

  1. Tics and school: 76%
  2. How psychological factors or situations influence tics: 71%
  3. Management of OCD or ADHD: 57% each
  4. Cannabinoids for tics: 48%
  5. Non-medication tic treatments: 48%
  6. Science update: 43%
  7. “Ask the experts” session: 43%
  8. Online treatment tools for tics: 33%

Topics you want your doctor to hear about:

  1. Management of symptoms other than tics: 86%
  2. Proven treatments for tics: 76%
  3. New or upcoming medications for tics: 62%
  4. Tics and school: 62%
  5. CBIT training: 48%
  6. Science update: 43%
  7. Non-medication treatments for tics: 43%

Other information:

Most respondents (76%) were family members of someone with tics.

Thank you all for your responses! Your answers have already guided me to discard one talk I was thinking of doing (intro to tic disorders), and to invite an OCD-in-Tourette speaker.

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