TS resources for school counselors

Resources about Tourette syndrome and tic disorders for school counselors

Thanks to the Tourette Association of America for funding our WUSTL Center of Excellence for this Community Engagement Grant.

This page will host the following information for school counselors in our region:

  • The VISIT-TS video, showing characteristics of tics and related information for a general audience
  • A lesson plan that school counselors can use in classrooms, complete with links to information for school professionals from the TAA
  • A Q&A resource: a blog page on which you can ask tic-related questions in a format so that answers can be useful for others with similar questions
  • A recording of a virtual seminar for school counselors (the link will appear after we hold the seminar, planned for early 2024)

If you are a school counseling professional and have found any useful information on this site, please tell us so we can track this program’s impact. Also, please give us feedback on what you’d like to see here, or what worked best for you.


  • Emily C. Bihun, M.Ed.
  • Kevin J. Black, M.D.
  • Jennifer Stenger, Ph.D.
  • Lynn Dunlap, M.Ed.