The Median Nerve Stimulation Study is now seeking participants with tic disorders.

Background: read about this exciting new treatment concept here.

For participants already enrolled in the Open Label Study, click here for directions for setting up the Tens Device.

Participant Testimony:

To hear more about the study and how median nerve stimulation works from one of our participants, click here.

Disclaimer: This is an anecdote. It is not necessarily representative of nor does it necessarily reflect the experience of every participant in this study. The participant posted this video on her own, with no prompting or input from the Black Lab. The Black Lab has obtained her permission to reproduce the video here. The MNS Study is inspired by the work of @jackson684 and @BrbraCat. #MNS for #Tourette.

What does participation include?

· 2 study visits, each about two hours long

· Questionnaires and interviews

· Short periods of median nerve stimulation at the wrist

· Compensation is provided

Who may qualify for this study?

  • Anyone with Tourette syndrome or a tic disorder between the ages of 15 and 64.
  • Anyone living in or around the St. Louis, Missouri area.

To learn more or to enroll:

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Call us at 314-362-2083