1. Find your median nerve on your preferred wrist. If you feel your wrist below your palm, you should feel a large tendon sticking out near the center. Now, take your ring finger and thumb and touch the tip of them together. Bend your hand toward your body while touching them. You should be able to feel another tendon popping up next to the one you felt earlier. You want to aim the center of the first electrode pad between those two tendons.
  2. Take the electrodes and stick them about 4.5 mm or 0.45 cm apart on your median nerve. One should be closer to your wrist. The other should be further back on your wrist. See the picture for reference.
  1. Find the lead wires. These are the red and black wires included in your kit.
  2. Attach the red wire to the white wire of the electrode pad closest to your wrist. Remember, “Red Wrist.”
  3. Attach the black wire to the white wire of the electrode pad furthest from your wrist. Remember “Black, Back.”
  4. Attach the other end of the lead wires to the hole at the top of the Tens device.
  5. Once the wires are in place, turn the Tens device on by turning the knob at the top of the device clockwise.
  6. Open the middle of the Tens unit to display the home buttons. Hit the mode button to select “normal”.
  7. Hit the set button to select a width of 200 μs. Hit the up and down arrows to adjust these settings.
  8. Hit the set button twice to select a rate of 12 hz.
  9. Hit the set button three times to select the time you want the stimulation to run for. We recommend setting the device to continuous. To do this, increase the time to 60 minutes. Then, hit the up arrow one more time. You should now see a C.
  10. Once settings are in place, slowly dial the knob to increase intensity. Stop increasing once your right thumb begins to twitch.
  11.  To turn off your device, turn the knob at the top in the counter-clockwise direction.

If you have any questions about set-up or materials used, please call us at 314-362-2083