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Results from chapter grants survey, 10/2018

The results are in! We collected 33 votes (see “Oops” below to check whether your vote counted). We will use this information to guide our application to TAA. Stay tuned by connecting with the chapter or following the WashU Tics page on Facebook or @NewTics on Twitter


The Tourette Association of America (TAA), in partnership with the US CDC, is soliciting requests from chapters for a one-time grant to pay for for “education and awareness activities.” This could be a meeting aimed at “professional audiences, as well as families, individuals, and the general public.” We (the Missouri chapter, with colleagues at Washington University School of Medicine) are interested in applying. Applications are due 11/1/2018.


You can see the most current answers at this page. Below are the answers as of 24 October 2018.

Q1, Which of the following meetings would you be most excited about our chapter hosting if we receive funds from the TAA-CDC program? (single choice allowed)

  • Dual-track meeting, one track for professionals and one track for patients and families, 48%
  • CBIT training for psychologists and OTs, 24%
  • Presentations at local schools, 18%
  • Other, 9%

Q2, What topics do you feel most need to be addressed at this event? (could choose more than one)

  • Management of non-tic symptoms such as ADHD, OCD, “rage attacks,” sleep, …, 76%
  • Tics at school, working with schools, IEPs, 70%
  • Proven treatment options for tics, 64%
  • Non-medication treatments for tics including behavior therapies, 61%
  • New or on-the-horizon medications for tics, 58%
  • New research on what causes tic disorders and/or how the brain creates tics, 39%
  • Basic information on tic disorders for people newly diagnosed and families, 36%
  • Basic information on tic disorders for pediatricians and other first-line clinicians, 36%
  • Other, 9%

Q3, answered by …

  • A family member, 66%
  • A clinician, 12%
  • A researcher or other professional, 9%
  • Other, 9%
  • A person with a tic disorder, 3%

Other suggestions include:

  • A current list of St. Louis area TS doctors and specialists.
  • A chapter in the southwest part of the state.
  • Training for doctors and families in Illinois.
  • Information for school districts. 
  • All listed topics could be very useful, so it is not easy to choose the most important ones.
  • Presentations at local schools to teachers, principals, school nurses, and guidance counselors.
  • family weekend sleepover camp [to allow] kids to socialize with other TS kids.
  • Several of you said thanks to the local chapter or local researchers. Thanks!


*Being a tyro at SurveyMonkey, I fear I may have accidentally prevented some responses from being saved. If you want to check, you can try the survey again from the same computer or device you used the first time. The site won’t let you proceed if it already counted your results. If the survey does open again, your answers weren’t saved; check your answers and click on “SUBMIT RESPONSE” at the very bottom of the page. /KJB

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